A list of books.

  • Title: Guards! Guards!, Author: Terry Pratchett

    Guards! Guards! is a fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett

  • Title: Engelby, Author: Sebastian Faulks

    Best schizophrenic based book of our times

  • Title: Third head of Cerberus, Author: Gene Wolf

    Best book ever on crickey moses ma fe bach yn mad.

  • Title: House of the Sun, Author: Alistair Reynolds

    Just good clean space opera fun. Really good modern example of space operas

  • Title: Excession, Author: Iain M Banks

    Mad space ship AI yn cal 300 page email chain amdano galaxy ending war or not

  • Title: Lathe of Heaven, Author: Ursula K le Guin

    Like crying into a plate full of crumpets. Really dda ond crickey it makes you totes emosh

  • Title: Piranese, Author: Susanna Clark

    Man goes mad in a maze and no one else exists. Short and brilliant book

  • Title: A prayer for Owen Meany, Author: Sain cofio


  • Title: Seveneves, Author: Neal Stephenson

    Seveneaves is a book that should have been approx a lot shorter but it was still broadly good